FAQ'S to rent a boat with us - MARBELLA BOAT TRIPS

FAQ'S to rent a boat with us - MARBELLA BOAT TRIPS

Marbella, Puerto Banus
Estepona, Sotogrande, Benalmádena  
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FAQ'S to rent a boat with us


Boating - Meals
Can we bring the boat our food and drink?
In pleasure boats can bring food and drink on board with the only limitation that the food contains no sauces or oils that can spill and cause dangerous slip and fall. Nor do we accept glass containers because of the danger of breakage and subsequent accidents.

Can you prepare or serve food on board a catering during navigation?
We have different type menus designed to eat comfortably aboard, including the drink. We can also prepare special menus according to your wishes.

Can we drink alcohol on the boat?
Can you drink alcohol in the boat both supplied in some ships as if they bring you. Important to know that if a passenger is dangerously affected by the effects of alcohol can cancel Capt. navigation for safety reasons and to return immediately to port. In any case, the company reserves the right to not allow alcohol in certain circumstances at the discretion of the captain.

Can we smoke in the boat?
In most boats can smoke, always in areas outside but never inside.

Boating - Passengers
Can my children or babies on the boat?
Can ship children of any age, including babies, no problem. Available in most boats of infant lifejackets. However you can consult on this matter for the boat of your choice. Children embark under the tutelage of their parents or guardians not liable for the company or the captain of his custody or for any damage that may occur from accidents resulting from carelessness by minors.

Can seniors go on the boat?
No age limit for boating. In case you plan to ship more we ask that you previously directed to prepare the boat access convenience for them.

Can be disabled in the boat?
It depends on the type and degree of disability. We encourage you to inform us in advance to recommend the boat more accessible.

Can we get more people than in the schedule of ships?
NOT. Spanish law is unequivocal on this point and for reasons of security and stability of the boat is impossible to exceed the number authorized for each boat.

Do people often dizzy?
Not very often but if you have never gone to a sports boat and have questions about whether to navigate, we recommend you take a dose of sickness pills half hour before boarding to avoid seasickness

What if we dizzy?
If nevertheless dizzy during navigation someone normally apply postural remedies or taking anti sickness pills extra. If dizziness persists still, and we ask, we can go as fast as possible to the port of departure or even closer to the person disembarked dizzy or the entire group. This is not entitled to a refund of the price paid.

Boating - Clothing and equipment

What clothes should take to navigate?
Generally recommend comfortable clothing and swimwear if you wish. We also recommend sunglasses, sunscreen and beach towels. In the charter from November to April about recommended light warm clothes appropriate to the time in our area because although the sun shines most of the year at sea thermal sensation varies.

What shoes should use onboard?
Flat and non-slip shoes. In most boats shoes off when boarding is required whenever the temperature permits.

Can we go without clothes, we are nudists?
There is no problem. Our crews are discreet and professional.


How long is a day of fishing?
Normally the sessions are 4 hours in the morning or afternoon, as they prefer, but can apply full days without problem.

What we have to take to fish?
No need to bring anything. All equipment and bait are on our own.

What time should leave?
Departure times the you can choose in each case

What about screenshots?
Normally they stay on the boat but if requested can be part of the catch.

What can fish species?
In our area the variety is great because it is a sea rich in biodiversity.

If we have no experience, we can help or teach?
If you want to enter the world of sport fishing from our boat captains will indicate everything you need to start practicing this exciting sport and help them during the day.


I can bring the jet ski without a license or experience?
Yes, but within the circuit marked out for this purpose under the supervision of our instructors who will give you the basic instructions first before getting on the jet ski.

I can participate in organized excursions on jet skis?
We organize boat trips in groups of several jet skis with a monitor that will accompany them at all times during the trip

I can take one more person on the jet ski?
Yes, the jet ski are for two people

What equipment should I bring to climb on the bike?
You must carry mandatory life jacket that we provide included in the price.


Is it safe to practice wáter activities?
Yes, because we use approved safety equipment required. When it comes to children our employers pay special attention to maintain safety at low speeds while dragging.

Can practice childrens?
Yes, properly equipped with safety features and authorization of their parents or guardians.

Is it out from the beach or from the boat?
There are two possibilities. From the boat requires that you have previously rented it being an option in some inflatable boats. From the beach only requires contact nautical areas listed on our website.


How far in advance should you book?
To ensure availability of the boat or activity book chosen should be clear as to what will hire with missing weeks or months.

How do I have to make a reservation?
- You can do it on-line through our website where specified therein. For this system will see the availability of each vessel or activity, choose and pay a percentage as a reserve. Receive by mail a document with the data and the corresponding locator.

- You can make reservation at certain points in the port of Estepona. Call us and we will indicate the points available

- You can ask us by mail or telephone availability boat chosen and is available for the dates you want to send you a provisional booking form with instructions for making a transfer of the necessary percentage, once received, will for final booking. This reservation is valid for 3 days, if you miss a payment receipt before 3 days the reservation will be canceled.

In all cases a firm will pay to reserve a percentage of between 10 and 25% of the amount. Before boarding shall pay the amount due to the crew.

What happens if I cancel the reservation?
Are penalized with 25% of the total if you cancel the reservation. If we end damage would offer us another similar boat if available, or we will refund the amount paid as you choose. If force is majeure for bad sea everything paid will be returned without payment of compensation in any of the previous cases.


As I come to port?
In all ports are in or very close parking if you are driving. You can also take a taxi in this area have good prices. If you want we can pick you up at the airport vehicles or minibuses, railway station or hotel. This option has additional cost.

What is the weather usually do on the Costa del Sol?
In this area we enjoy a special climate due to the proximity conditions both Africa and Europe. During most enjoyed year round sunshine and moderate temperatures that allow you to enjoy the sea and sailing at full capacity. On our website you can see the forecast for the coming days. This is the link.

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